Moving Forward for Student Carers

KTG strive to ensure the well-being of its care workers as well as its service users. We feel that a carer cannot give a good standard of care if they are under stress, or if their own quality of life is hindered. This is true of all carers and not restricted to the staff at KTG, so whenever a benefit to the workforce comes to light it can only be beneficial to spread the word.

Whilst reading the news from the carers trust, KTG discovered that UCAS will be changing their application for for the next academic year, allowing students to declare for the first time that they are an unpaid carer.

This follows a successful campaign of student carer Carol Hayward, who began calling for this change in February of this year. The carers trust backed the campaign, rallying 2,500 signatures in support of Carol.

This change is hoped to bring about a change in the lives of student carers, as universities would be able to use the information on the application to offer the support needed by the carer to complete the course to their best ability.