North West CQC Results

KTG Social Care are committed to the quality of care that they provide to all of their clients. To KTG and many others within the social care sector, a glowing CQC report is the epitome of an accolade to reinforce this ideology. As well as a sense of personal achievement, an outstanding CQC report is also good for a business' reputation and subsequently it's client growth, so all businesses stand to benefit from the inspection.

As it currently stands, the latest checks from the CQC have only awarded the outstanding status to 4 homecare providers in the north west. This means that in the eyes of the CQC, only 4 homecare providers in the north west are going above and beyond the expectations of them in terms of the quality of care provided.

This gives care providers in the sector an opportunity to take advantage of this currently elite status, and the prestige that follows.

Of course, the CQC are not going to give an outstanding report without evidence that the company has gone above and beyond their requirements, and considering the very few outstanding reports and increasing demand for care, this outstanding benchmark will be no mean feat. However, a motivational boost to impliment changes to go that extra mile may just be a profitable venture.