How KTG is Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

Posted on April 5th, 2024

KTG Social Care are investing in both your and your children’s future. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we are reducing our carbon footprint and moving towards a paperless care business. It is recognised that the use of paper in data intensive industries like healthcare and social care compromises productivity, quality of care and data security. The NHS has a target to go completely paperless by 2020. As a result, the social care sector is now rapidly adopting software and technology to digitise these processes. Improvements are being made in finance and payroll to care planning and delivery.

KTG has already started to adopt this vision. By investing in two new systems to revolutionise how we work with you our customers, both clients and candidates.


With the introduction of Salesforce our candidate management tool, we are continually working towards a streamlined customer experience. Using our cloud bases system we can receive our clients request & instantly send out alerts to our candidates that a shift is available, enabling us to satisfy our clients requests efficiently and promptly. This isn’t paperless you say, and you are correct. But with time we are moving towards utilising the electronic time sheet technology, which will drastically reduce our paper usage. This is where the system will affect the carbon footprint for KTG and your future.


The other system we have introduced is the PASSsystem. The PASSsystem is unique and is the only digital care management system that is NICE compliant. Recommended by NHS England the PASSSystem is also referenced in CQC and Care Inspectorate reports. The use of this system has changed how we complete our care documents. Care plans, assessments and daily notes now are completed using technology on mobiles, tablets and through web browsers in the back office. This creates a shared record and removes the need to type up or duplicate data, so that care businesses have real time data. This paperless system is not only accessible for our CareGivers in your home to complete, but can be used by the loved ones of our clients from anywhere in the world instantly 27/7. Read more about KTG & the PASSsystem here.

We are looking at reducing paper wastage at recruitment time. Due to the number of forms and copies of documents that are legally required to be obtained when recruiting our candidates we are changing our process by utilising an electronic system to enable all these documents to be read & the signed electronically, thereby reducing paper wastage.

So here at KTG Social Care we listen to the people’s concerns and as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we are making changes so that we can prove to you  so You Know We Care.

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