Our Mission

Founded in Preston in 2007, KTG Social Care is committed to delivering exceptional at-home care, rooted in family values and personal experience. 

Our philosophy centres on treating clients like family, ensuring independence and dignity. We offer a wide range of personalized care services, supported by a dedicated, well-trained team.

Our Values

We Are Independent

At KTG Social Care, we champion the independence of each client, crafting personalized care plans that empower and acknowledge their unique lifestyles and preferences.

Meet Joanne!

“Since partnering with KTG, I've rediscovered my zest for life! Imagine me, at 85, learning to salsa dance in my living room - it's never too late to live a little. They've made me feel like an adventurous teenager again, not just an old lady.

We Are Trusted

At KTG Social Care, trust is our foundation. We build strong, reliable relationships with each client, ensuring safety, respect, and confidentiality are always at the forefront.

Trust as seen by SIA!

"Trusting KTG was like handing over the keys to my fears and watching them turn it into comfort. They reassured me that it's okay to rely on someone else - even for my secret recipe book. Now, that's trust!"

We Are Innovative

At KTG Social Care, our innovation lies in integrating cutting-edge approaches with compassionate care, ensuring every solution is as unique as the individuals we serve.

Innovation through Harrold’s Eyes!

"KTG's innovative spirit had me video calling my grandkids to teach them knitting! Who knew tech could bridge generations in such a heartwarming way? It's not just care; it's a leap into the future of connection."

We Are Compassionate

At KTG Social Care, compassion is at the heart of our service. We connect deeply with each client, offering empathy, understanding, and unwavering support to meet their needs.

Compassion through Rick’s lens!

"The team KTG listened to my stories, even the ones about my late cat Whiskers, with such warmth, it felt like family. Their kindness turned my world from lonely to love."

Join Our Team

Join us in making a difference! Explore opportunities to join our dedicated team and embark on a fulfilling journey of compassion and care.

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