Meet our CareGiver Michael

Posted on April 5th, 2024

Michael Smith, one of the care assistants was invited in to tell us a about his role here at KTG Social Care.

What areas do you work in?

Mostly in homecare, in some of the care home I have been working in, but I prefer to do the homecare.

Can I ask you your age and how long you have worked for KTG?

At the moment 76, I have worked approximately 2 years, could be a just a little bit longer.

Tell me a little bit your duties for homecare

My duties for homecare is generally as it says going to the house. You meet the person in their own home see their likes & dislikes and you can get a better relationship with the client, because you can see how they live & what they want you to do as well as you caring for them.

Why do you like working for KTG?

I think it is a quite a good employer, as such, they seem to look after their staff, & any information or help that you need they are just a telephone call away. They bend over backwards to try to help you, I just think that if  firms if they worked like KTG the employee would feel a bit better.

So if you want to work as a CareGiver and find that looking after someone is something you have a passion for then why not have a look at our CAREERS page to see if we have a vacancy that could be perfect for you.

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